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Mittico fish Burgers and Shrimps.
The right choice even for the planet!

With our burgers eating fish has never been tastier!

Our burger, which are produced in Italy with quality raw material, are not only tasty and gluten free, but also easy to cook and prepare.

The best choice for the whole family.

Our burgers are good for the planet too.

Mittico produces its fish burgers fully respecting the environment, that's why we have multiples certifications.
100% Energy from renewable sources.
100% sustainable packaging

We gave fish a new shape.

Mittico is a brand owned by AFB (Alternative Frozen Burger), a company founded in 2015 with the idea of reinventing the way we eat fish, by making it easier and by exalting the quality.

For this reason we came up with the first fish burger: boneless, easy to cook and with high quality and sustainable raw material.

Sustainability is one of the founding values of our company, as our certifications attest.

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